About us

SCALVE MECCATRONIK is a consortium of 10 companies which have participated in the solution of combining to “attack” competitively the challenges of the global market. Consortial companies have operated successfully for years in different sectors of mechanical engineering and electronics and today collaborate in close synergy to offer the customer effective, immediate solutions. This new organisational model makes it possible to benefit from the specialist skills in the various sectors and enables companies to come together to form a single chain of production, thereby improving the quality of the product, service and the competitiveness of the companies.


The sharing of raw materials, knowhow, production technologies, resources and skills also reduces production costs and execution times.All this now enables SCALVE MECCATRONIK to offer the customer a complete, efficient product system, a high level of flexibility and fast delivery times.


To create a consortium capable of injecting new force into the territory of Val di Scalve and into the individual companies, increasing their competitiveness by developing products with a high added value based on mechatronic technologies;

To combine the entrepreneurial capacities with the concepts of innovation, territory and specialised human resources;

To create a centre of innovative and technologically advanced production within the Lombardy production area with a view to developing a national and international reference;

To develop and improve the scientific and technological skills in the mechatronics of the Lombardy research system;

To involve the greatest number of companies to enable them to aim at excellence throughout the territory of Lombardy historically devoted to mechanical engineering activities.